Thursday, November 8, 2012

How do I protect myself against credit card fraud?

How to protect yourself against credit card fraud?

The German legislature has already adopted a number of laws to protect against credit card fraud. This protection comes only if the credit card users do not even negligent or intentional acts. This includes, for example, that the card holder within 30 days must check his credit card statement. The following rules of conduct to be observed.

ec card scams in Germany

Even the new debit cards are vulnerable to scams
With debit cards fraudsters had often been an easy game. A new chip will make "skimming attacks" on debit cards payments impossible. Experts doubt and see gaps in the system. Danny Dewitz

Data theft: EC terminals have serious security flaws
Payments: Electronic purse for self tinkering comes
NFC technology: privacy advocates warn of wireless payment "Girogo"
Data theft: Experts discover vulnerability in EC-payment

Fraudsters had with debit cards sooner easy game: As the main map data were stored unprotected on the magnetic strip, they were intercepted by a small manipulation of ATMs. This method was known as "skimming" ("skimming").

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

debit and credit card fraud tips and risks

Do not rely on the wrong card!

Debit and credit cards - cash for millions. No question: It's fun, easy to pay with his "good name". Debit and credit cards play in non-cash payments in various fields play a significant role and are becoming increasingly important. You can be as an alternative to cash easily and generally used as a means of payment. Then there is the world-wide acceptance of credit cards in the market and the possibility of world more than 820,000 ATMs to withdraw (about 55,000 in Germany) by EC-Karte/Bankkarte cash or credit card.

The risks:

The proliferation and especially the popularity of the "plastic money" exert an irresistible attraction to criminals. It is now often made them easy data such as credit card number, expiration date and signature of the card is a credit card user price wherever he pays by card. All data are included in the receipt. So with each payment, more and more people come into the possession of highly confidential information. This favors the so-called debit and credit card fraud. Furthermore, the perpetrators are constantly developing new approaches in order to fraudulently gain access to card data and personal identification number - such as the so-called "skimming": Attachments are attached to the card insertion slot of an ATM or strikes to obtain the magnetic stripe of the card. A miniature camera is used for spying on the secret number.

Five years in prison for credit card fraud on the plane

Frankfurt (dpa / LHe) - After large-scale credit card fraud on the plane is a 54 year old man was sentenced on Tuesday to five years in Frankfurt. The district court went out in the judgment of 68 individual cases in which the defendant had purchased the equipment on board luxury items worth almost EUR 150 000. Which he used credit and debit cards, however, were manipulated so that they have not been paid properly. The fraudster used here the fact that not the withdrawals during the flight could not be verified.

Million damage of phishing and credit card fraud: increasing threat of cyber crime

The threat of cyber crime in Germany is, according to an annual report from the Federal despite stagnant number of cases continues to increase.
In 2011 there have been approximately 60 000 cases of cyber crime, said Joerg Ziercke, president of the Federal Criminal Police Office, on Monday to present the "Cyber ​​Crime 2011" reports in Berlin. The damage, however, was increased by 16 percent to an estimated 71.2 million euros. The largest crime group had witnessed the computer fraud: With phishing and fraudulent use of credit card information is a loss of around 50 million Euro.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

credit card secured from forgery via quantum physics

Secured credit cards forgery by quantum physics
Credit cards and vouchers are to be made in future to forge. For it to provide technologies of quantum physics, which are developed by scientists at the Max Planck Institute for Quantum Optics, Harvard University and the California Institute of Technology.

Today, the theft of credit card data or copying of magnetic strips on ATM are common variants with which people will ultimately account emptied. On the other hand, the nature, like physicist Stephen Wiesner showed up in 1983, provides means to prevent this danger: According to the rules of quantum physics, it is impossible in principle, quantum information to copy exactly.

Monday, November 21, 2011

155 million euro loss through credit card fraud

The replacement of credit cards is largely complete. The monitoring of
the cards has been tightened considerably.
The largest mass exchange of credit cards in Germany, according to
the banks already largely completed.
Frankfurt / Main. The largest mass exchange of credit cards in
Germany, according to the banks already largely completed. The Central
Credit Committee (CCC) said on Thursday also, all German banks have
also tightened up the monitoring of the affected cards significantly,
which further restricts potential for abuse. Meanwhile, experts
warned, the total damage from credit card fraud in Germany is expected
to double this year to 155 million €.
Unlike debit cards, which are illegal to the fraudster data by
mounting an attachment to the card insertion slot of the ATM
(skimming), the credit card fraudsters usually fetch the required data
directly from the Internet. You can protect against these hackers
barely. A principle of the experts is this: As little as possible to
pay by credit card.
Other countries are following a report by the Bavarian television hit:
A Visa spokeswoman Germany have the news program "Rundschau" said that
would now also in other countries seem to be exchanged cards. Numbers
and countries they have not called.