Thursday, November 8, 2012

How do I protect myself against credit card fraud?

How to protect yourself against credit card fraud?

The German legislature has already adopted a number of laws to protect against credit card fraud. This protection comes only if the credit card users do not even negligent or intentional acts. This includes, for example, that the card holder within 30 days must check his credit card statement. The following rules of conduct to be observed.

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Even the new debit cards are vulnerable to scams
With debit cards fraudsters had often been an easy game. A new chip will make "skimming attacks" on debit cards payments impossible. Experts doubt and see gaps in the system. Danny Dewitz

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Fraudsters had with debit cards sooner easy game: As the main map data were stored unprotected on the magnetic strip, they were intercepted by a small manipulation of ATMs. This method was known as "skimming" ("skimming").