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Postman steals eight credit cards
The PIN numbers caught by the 27-year-old. 38 crimes including the indictment

Norderstedt. Dominik R., 27, from Kaltenkirchen was an innocent citizens and trusted postman to him on a fateful day in August 2011, the devil ride: When you sort the letters in charge of the areas Tangstedt and Norderstedt postman groped in some letters credit cards.

Quite simply it was, the accused told before the district court in Norderstedt. One could feel the highlighted numbers. Since he had just taken out a loan of 5,000 euros and his car broke down, the defendant began the letter with the credit cards quickly aside. Then he waited a few days until another letter from the financial institution arrived with the PIN number. With card and pin number went shopping R., mainly at Real Familia and in Henstedt Ulzburg and cold churches. A total of eight credit cards stole the young man and bought it for about 1000 Euros at the cost of others. He also raised funds from repeated, a total of 3200 euros. The credit of the defendant destroyed each after repeated use by having them buckled and threw away.

The whole thing went well three months. In November, the police arrived at Dominik R., who admitted everything immediately, as in the trial in which he learns with astonishment that he committed in addition embezzlement several forgeries through the bars of his signature and computer fraud by the unauthorized use at ATMs has. 38 crimes including the extensive indictment. Judge Jan Buchert ranks the deeds for their variety as a professional, making a sentence of six months threatens. The accused, who lost his job at the post office and regretted the actions asks horrified if he had to go to prison.

As bad as it is not, but the prosecutor makes clear the 27-year-old that he had abused the trust of citizens and his position shamelessly. As of now in part-time working in a call center and not have a criminal defendant admits, however, it is the court of a favorable social prognosis, and imposed a sentence of one year and will be suspended. In addition, the defendant must serve 200 hours of community service and receive a supportive probation officer.

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