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Credit card - Must be a good insurance?

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Insurance for an extra credit card rather than a must

Credit cards are also increasingly popular in Germany. Did most of the Germans until a few years ago not really anything to do with a credit card, so now almost every citizen has a credit card in your wallet. No wonder, after all credit cards offer numerous advantages over other non-cash payments, such as the ec card.

This in the eyes of most cardholders are certainly the comprehensive insurance packages that you can benefit as the owner of a credit card often, with no additional fees are charged. Particularly well-known and popular: an integrated international travel health insurance or free car hire insurance.

Credit card insurance is often more apparent than real

Those who want to enjoy the extensive insurance benefits of credit card you should definitely know the relevant insurance policy. Because so ever, adequate insurance coverage, the use of credit cards in many cases is an essential condition.

Who wants to have health insurance, for example abroad must, many sellers who travel with a credit card paid. The same goes for most travel insurance or car rental liability insurance.

Liability insurance is important, but it costs money

Anyone with a credit card do not necessarily want to purchase comprehensive insurance packages that but rather wants to hedge against the risks that can occur with the use of a credit card that should definitely consider a liability insurance.

The costs the owner a credit card, but if money is worth it, if it should ever come to the misuse of the credit card.

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