Wednesday, February 17, 2010

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Catch Frauds - Counterfeit Money Detector with UV and Watermark Detection

Fraud is not limited to credit cards it is also done with cash!
Recognizing fake money can keep you out of trouble.  CHECKING CURRENCY Catch FraudsTM is the perfect system to reliably verify the authenticity of U.S., Canadian and Mexican Currency. Identification of bad bills and fake ID is easy with Catch FraudsTM. Using a high power ultraviolet source emphasizes the unique ultraviolet markers and hidden watermarks in currency. It is also effective for checking Government documents such as drivers licenses and passports that
contain hidden ultraviolet Markers. Genuine currency issued by the US Treasury has a strip that fluoresces under ultraviolet light. Unseen by the naked eye, the location and color of this strip indicates a bill's genuine denomination. This allows quick detection of a "genuine" dollar bill that has been fraudulently reprinted to pass as a $20, $50 or $100 bill ! Note: Other currencies also have hidden ultraviolet markers. Catch Fraud's pass through design lets you quickly and discreetly authenticate bills even when customers are waiting in line. You can also use the Watermark detection feature as an additional way to verify a suspect bill. The WATERMARK is an imbedded image on the right hand side of the bill. Many businesses use "currency pens" that detect the type of paper a bill is printed on by a simple litmus test. While this catches some photocopies, when forgeries are printed on washed "genuine currency paper" pens are simply unreliable and may indicate forged currency is genuine.

  • With Catch Frauds it is easy to detect counterfeit currency, a low cost, yet highly effective, counterfeit money detection system.
  • Our exclusive design uses a single high power U shaped ultraviolet lamp cutting the cost of replacement lamps in half.
  • The Catch Frauds system features a bright white florescent lamp in the base for easy daylight Watermark checking!
  • Catch Fraud's unique "pass through" design lets you quickly and discreetly authenticate bills even when customers are waiting in line.
  • AC power- no batteries required. Plug and Play, 15 Watts 120VAC

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