Saturday, August 14, 2010

Hundreds of Germans affected by credit card fraud

Living abroad, checking account in Germany, including credit card!

The threat of cyber-criminals will increasingly serious: on the internet are the card numbers, owner name and certification numbers turned up to 800 cards. The problem are obviously unsafe online stores ...
Hackers are apparently in possession of numerous detailed records German credit cards. The magazine COMPUTER BILD reported in its issue 18/2010 on one of those records, which the magazine was leaked from insiders. This includes: More than 800 credit cards, 339 of German users.

In hacker circles regularly circulate stolen credit card data, but are particularly volatile now emerged: owners name, card number, expiration date and the card verification number listed in the hackers list, which is available exclusively COMPUTER BILD. Even addresses, phone numbers and email addresses of the victims can be read there.

Criminals have this data, they can easily go on a shopping spree on the Internet. A victim of Munich reported that thieves have purchased for several thousand euros goods. And: "I had to commit to the bank to talk to anyone about it."

Apparently vulnerability in large Internet shops

Debt was "very likely not a trojan, but a security issue in large Internet shops," says COMPUTER BILD editor Olaf Pursche. A contacted hacker victim stated, arguing his credit card exclusively for shopping on eBay and used Amazon to have. Both companies from that there was a security hole.

Just the tip of the iceberg

The list of the 800 credit card data is from the hacker "Jet_Li" - and is by far not the only one. "Previously, numerous lists have been sold off over the Internet," says Pursche. The criminals make it a lucrative business: credit card per it earn 5 euros, with 800 cards each list is the 4000 € per record.

Expensive it is to stand against the cardholder, is purchased at the expense of the Internet.

COMPUTER BILD, in collaboration with the LKA Niedersachsen blocked all 800 credit cards. But the cards on other lists of Jet_Li leave abuse continues.

Credit card customers should check their bills carefully. Because: Fraudulent billings, up to four weeks later back post.

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