Friday, September 2, 2011

The rents do not decrease despite record low interest rates

The reference rate remains unchanged - there is growing criticism of the method of calculating

Rents are expected to remain stable over the next three months.
Although the interest rate has reached an all time low, remains the benchmark home loan interest rate unchanged for rent. The federal government leaves the set derived from the changes in rent, at 2.75 percent. There he remains since the beginning.

chs. / (sda) from the record low interest rates while living in Switzerland continue to benefit only the homeowner. Why not drop the rents in the next quarter. Because the Federal Housing Office for the rents to the relevant reference interest leaves at 2.75 percent. The sentence is fixed Gege sets new quarterly.

That the reference rate does not decrease is related primarily to the date of data collection, which it is based. This took place on 30 June. The last interest rate cut by the National Bank to weaken the franc but dated from early August. This makes possible at least until the next redefinition of the reference interest rate reductions. Experts expect the earliest on 1 March, a lower rate.
Threshold is not reached

This is calculated from the mortgages in Switzerland, from which an average is calculated. By the end of June, this has fallen compared to the previous quarter, from 2.54 to 2.51 percent, as the Federal Office of Housing writes.

The rich but not for a lower reference rate. Therefore, the average interest rate would have to fall to 2.43 percent. For an adjustment of the reference rate there will come only if the average interest rate is measured by the average calculated for the first time dropped from 3.43 percent to 0.25 percentage points, or increased.
Criticism of method of calculation grows

The reference rate is since 10 September 2008 used for the design of rental contracts in housing. This took the place of the individual cantons in the earlier assessed the interest rate for variable mortgages. But in the current Tiefstzinsphase growing criticism on the basis of calculation.

Of the lower interest rates because of the tenants felt "unfair method of calculation" nothing stops the Swiss tenants and tenants' association established German-speaking Switzerland in a statement.
One billion in rent paid too much

He recommends that renters check whether they have least benefited from the reduction of the reference rate of 3 to 2.75 percent last December. According to industry to pay roughly 20 percent to 30 percent since the Miethaushalte not less rent.

According to various calculations, the tenant would have been the introduction of the reference interest rate paid around one billion francs too much rent, the tenant association writes. The current system must be assumed that tenants will benefit from no earlier than next March, the lowest interest rates on mortgages.
In computing different round

Given this "systematic discrimination" demanded the Tenants Association Federal Johann Schneider-Ammann already mid-August, for the calculation of the reference rate immediately apply the general rules of rounding. It was a "Rounding" to the next quarter of a percent to make.

This has actually asked the federal government in a consultation in May for discussion. Schneider-Amman will "fall in" to make a suggestion, it said on Thursday in the Federal Office of Housing.

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