Monday, September 5, 2011

RapidShare mail itratos pooling their expertise in e-mail marketing

Bamberg, 31.08.2011, itratos cooperates with the mail to send newsletters rapid comprehensive and effective e-mail marketing. itratos links as a service provider of Internet solutions, the system "SaaS Marketing Newsletter" of rapid mail with the patented E-mail-to-Web technology, DCI AG to an e-mail marketing bundle. While rapid mail guarantees as "software as a service" and a member of the "Certified Senders Alliance" high delivery rates for e-mail, allows the WAi boosters DCI AG a high range and selective targeting by the placement of DCI info boards on hosting websites, online stores and selected partner portals. itratos want with the effective use of the traditional newsletter plus distributor exploit better the further development of newsletter marketing channels, the potential of e-mailings.

RapidShare mail as "software as a service" - a portion of the cloud computing - flexible than buying software. In addition, the mail delivery is safer: Local purchase software runs the risk that sent mailings end up in spam folders or even not arrive first. This can happen if the sender has a dynamic IP address or the e-mails rejected by greylisting only once. mail can then rapidly against a member of the "Certified Senders Alliance" server-side spam filters by whitelisting. This association has contracts with providers such as Arcor, Freenet, Lycos, GMX or closed, thereby ensuring rapid mail delivery rates high.
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It differs from many other mail was rapidly SaaS vendors: There are no monthly fee or minimum charge and no setup fee. You pay for the mailings that you send. Mailings to up to ten recipients are free.

The Wai-Booster offers email marketing from a single source. A single e-mail us for information and automated publishing in real time on websites, social media sites, in partner insurance networks and on selected portals. With the plugins itratos info boards to be set up online stores faster and more comfortable. In addition, itratos a special edition for online stores at a reduced price.

RapidShare mail:
Free Trial Account: / qqWPfW
Certified Senders Alliance
SaaS - Software as a Service: / pqCFRU

More information about DCI and WAi Booster Info Boards:

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Agency itratos
Coburgerstrasse 43
96052 Bamberg
Phone: 0951 6010096
Fax: 0951 9686827

RapidShare mail GmbH
Thorsten Jaeger
Phone: 0800 - 444 6777

Mr. Gerald Mutschmann
Chief Information Officer (CIO)
WAI Infoboard
Tel: +49 (8151) 265-512

About RapidShare mail GmbH
The rapid mail offers with rapid mail to a solution for professional newsletters. Behind it is a team with years of experience in software development. Your goal is to combine low-cost, professional e-mail marketing with easy operation and high shipping Quality.

About the DCI AG
The DCI AG networked since 1993 and bought in the eCommerce provider of innovative solutions in the areas of online marketing, e-mail marketing and content. Years of experience and extensive industry knowledge and expertise form the basis for the continuous development of DCI products and solutions. With the world's unique and patented technology Infoboard (WAI), the DCI AG set new standards for a totally new form of advertising. Well-known companies of all sizes and in all sectors value the superior customer orientation and tailor-made solutions to the DCI AG. The listed company is headquartered in Starnberg, and maintains a manufacturing company in Romania.

About Itratos

Itratos positioned itself as an innovative provider of Internet system solutions. The Bamberg-based company has developed from a pure Internet service provider to a provider of system solutions for digital marketing and sales management. Core business services to support our customers in the design and development, marketing and sales development and strategy for e-commerce and community building.

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