Tuesday, October 16, 2012

debit and credit card fraud tips and risks

Do not rely on the wrong card!

Debit and credit cards - cash for millions. No question: It's fun, easy to pay with his "good name". Debit and credit cards play in non-cash payments in various fields play a significant role and are becoming increasingly important. You can be as an alternative to cash easily and generally used as a means of payment. Then there is the world-wide acceptance of credit cards in the market and the possibility of world more than 820,000 ATMs to withdraw (about 55,000 in Germany) by EC-Karte/Bankkarte cash or credit card.

The risks:

The proliferation and especially the popularity of the "plastic money" exert an irresistible attraction to criminals. It is now often made them easy data such as credit card number, expiration date and signature of the card is a credit card user price wherever he pays by card. All data are included in the receipt. So with each payment, more and more people come into the possession of highly confidential information. This favors the so-called debit and credit card fraud. Furthermore, the perpetrators are constantly developing new approaches in order to fraudulently gain access to card data and personal identification number - such as the so-called "skimming": Attachments are attached to the card insertion slot of an ATM or strikes to obtain the magnetic stripe of the card. A miniature camera is used for spying on the secret number.

Pay by credit card (data) in the mail, phone or Internet-order process

With this payment option goods or services are ordered by letter, phone, fax or primarily on the internet. The payment will include the credit card number and expiration date, possibly in addition by means of the Card Verification Code (CVC / CVV, on the reverse side).

At the end of the first quarter of 2009, took about 69 percent of all German adults the Internet at home, at work or elsewhere. Compared to the same period last year, this means an increase of five percent. The continued rise in use of the Internet also make criminals to obtain payment card information advantage:

Sun dubious dealers give the use of credit cards (data) on the Internet at the end of the business card data or use it illegally. It may also in using a non-secure (unencrypted) Internet connection with private individuals or companies to tap the card data through a third party.

By mail or by means of fake Internet malware (Trojans) is trying to get to payment card information, passwords, personal data ("phishing"). The example allegedly emanating from the security departments of the banks mails demanding the receiver on some pretext, account information, SSN numbers, etc. enter on a website.
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Islam hostile video provides in Germany for party disputes

Berlin (dpa) - The Islamophobic libel video from the USA makes now in Germany for dispute. Interior Minister Hans-Peter Friedrich wants to prevent the film may be shown. The opinions on this are, however, divided: From opposition came the warning that there was no legal basis for it. German Chancellor Angela Merkel spoke of "good reasons" for a ban. The crucial question is whether a public performance in Germany, the security would be jeopardized.

SPD wants to exclude grand coalition in the election campaign

Berlin (dpa) - The SPD leadership wants the campaign to exclude the new edition of a grand coalition. The SPD is set to win and not to place General Secretary Andrea Nahles said after consulting the SPD leadership. It is also a question of attitude to go with such a clear statement in the general election. That means that even as a grand coalition is sought "by the back door". Chancellor Angela Merkel had previously ruled not reprint of a grand coalition, but to say that it would endeavor so not an alliance.

Merkel is worried about affordability of energy transition

Berlin (dpa) - Chancellor Angela Merkel fears about high costs for individuals with a rapid expansion of wind energy. The problem is affordability, because renewable energy would have to be subsidized, Merkel said. The federal government is going to turn in energy affordability, supply security and environmental. Measures for a current price damping Merkel wants to take not. The citizens pay the promotion via the electricity price. For 2013, an increase in production costs is expected.

Threat of cyber crime will continue, according to BKA

Berlin (dpa) - takes the threat of cyber crime in Germany, according to the BKA, despite a roughly constant number of cases. In 2011 there have been approximately 60 000 cases of cyber crime, BKA President Joerg Ziercke said at the launch of the "Cyber ​​Crime 2011» Reports. But the damage was increased by 16 percent to an estimated more than 71 million euros. The worst was the Computer Fraud: Phishing mails and credit card fraud caused a loss therefore of around 50 million euros.

New scribe process was postponed after one hour

Augsburg (AP) - The re-trial of former arms lobbyist Karlheinz Schreiber has been postponed in Augsburg after only one hour. Ground at the opening was a challenge for bias of defense against the three judges. Schreiber was convicted in 2010 by a different chamber of the Landgericht Augsburg to eight years in prison for tax evasion. Both writers and the prosecution had filed an appeal.

Campaign "alcohol? Characteristic separates your limit "for boys and girls

Berlin (dpa) - The youth-alcohol campaign "? Mark your limit will "continue after three years with a change in strategy and new motifs. Boys and girls should be addressed in the future with specific posters. The announced Health Minister Daniel Bahr and the Federal Centre for Health Education. The campaign was a success in spite of many critics and led to the decline in alcohol drinking by young people.

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